University District Partnership Alliance


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  • The Alliance is made up of interested and committed people from the campus area neighborhoods, business associations, University student government, the City of Minneapolis, and the University of Minnesota.  It also includes a growing number of friends and partners who are committed to achieving the vision of the Alliance.


  • Alliance Mission Statement: The University and the campus area neighborhoods--the University District--is distinguished as a premier place to learn, live, visit, work, and do business.  We will build the finest possible future by working in collaboration.


The University District Partnership Alliance, an alliance of the University of Minnesota, the City of Minneapolis, and neighborhood and business organizations in the campus area, will have an opportunity this year to undertake one or more projects to demonstrate what can be accomplished by these organizations working together.  The Alliance  
Steering Committee has charged a Demonstration Projects work team with evaluating ideas and bringing recommendations for demonstration projects back to the Steering Committee.

The Demonstration Projects team would like to hear from you, with your ideas about what you think would be the most potent and successful demonstration projects.


On behalf of the Friends and Members of the Alliance, thank you for your commitment to the University District communities.