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Restorative Justice

SECIA's Goals for Restorative Justice Participation

SECIA desires that its participation in Restorative Justice Programs truly repair harm by facilitating opportunities for offenders to connect and contribute to the neighborhood. SECIA hopes to create connections to people and places in SE Como and thereby provide offenders pause when faced with a future situation where they could opt to re-offend.

Restorative Justice Defined


Restorative justice is a victim-centered response to crime that provides opportunities for those most directly affected by crime - the victim, the offender, their families, and representatives of the community - to be directly involved in responding to the harm caused by the crime. Cited from Mark S. Umbreit, Ph.D., Center for Restorative Justice & Mediation, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota

Restorative Justice Community Action - RJCA Inc.


Restorative Justice Community Action (RJCA) organization works in Minneapolis neighborhoods to enhance offender accountability for urban livability crimes by empowering local citizens to participate directly in the justice process. SECIA serves as one of their community partners.

For RJ Participants:

If you are interested in participating in service through SECIA for the Restorative Justice Program we do first require you to fill out an application. This application allows us to see your general interests and strengths in an attempt to place you in a volunteer activity that is both stimulating and rewarding. To facilitate communication, we also require an email address to be provided in an attempt to keep open lines and provide quick opportunities.

If you are interested in volunteering for SECIA, please fill out the form below or found athttp://tinyurl.com/Como-Vol-Form After the application process is complete we will contact you (through email preferably) about upcoming events and tasks that are available. Please email secomo.rjca@gmail.com with questions.