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Comotion has a new format! Writers wanted

posted Oct 8, 2014, 9:37 AM by Como Tidbits

Posted in Oct/Nov Comotion

We got such a great response to our 4 page color Comotions that we are making them permanent.  The SECIA Board voted to change the way SECIA publishes our newsletter from monthly to every two months and continue the 4 page color spreads.  This allows us to add new content sections, and add pictures. With this new content comes the needs for more writers.  Neighbors of all ages interested in writing articles, please contact the SECIA office at secomo@secomo.org.

Update: We have our first neighbor-written article.  Richard Jacobi, long time resident and Environment Committee member, wrote a great update on the case against General Mills Inc over the TCE contamination.  Thanks Jake.  We hope Jake will serve as an example to all to take an active role by writing an article or joining a committee.