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Grand Rounds Missing link update

posted Oct 8, 2014, 9:28 AM by Como Tidbits

Posted in Oct/Nov Comotion

Ricardo and Cody Olson, our Bike Intern, along with neighbors, city officials and park officials and neighbors in Prospect Park have started researching the state of the Missing link discussion.  The neighborhoods North of the rail yards are horribly underserved by the current bike and road infrastructure. The vision of a regional Grand Rounds trail that has been in place for upwards of 100 years has not been realized yet. The University of Minnesota District Alliance has committed to completing the Granary Corridor, a large portion of which is in the Grand Rounds plan.  SECIA is partner with other neighborhoods on a large Bush Foundation Grant to do more research and build consensus among all the involved parties.  To learn more, email Cody at bikes@comogreenvillage.info.