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MPD ACTION ALERT - 2015-01-14

posted Feb 18, 2015, 11:19 AM by Como Tidbits

Thursday, January 15, 2015 Brett Miller, Southeast Christian Church Brett Miller, minister at Southeast Christian Church brought to our attention that, on January 14th, one of our businesses on the 1500 block of Como was burglarized. SECIA would like to remind all residents to call in suspicious activity. Confused on whether to call 311 or 911? At a community meeting Brett attended in Waite Park, a man asked about a purse he saw in an alley with a pair of womens undergarment nearby...he didn't know if it was 911 worthy. The officer present said to him to trust his gut and that as an officer he would rather come out and see what the man saw rather than have the civilian pick it up. For example, if there had been an assault there could be evidence on that purse...or if someone had been abducted this could be a big help. There might be an ongoing investigation, etc. In summary, if in doubt, call 911. If you see something where time isn't an issue for response call 311. If you see something in progress or if you see something that might be evidence, call 911: the Dispatch will prioritize the call based on information you give so you don't have to be afraid about using 911 and taking officers away from more urgent needs. Dispatch will prioritize. Stay safe, Como residents!