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Budget Adjustment Recommendations from SECIA Workgroup

posted Nov 14, 2012, 1:33 PM by Ricardo McCurley

On September 24th, members of the SECIA board and Committee Chairs met to review and discuss the current funding situation.  Funding from traditional sources is fading and the City of Minneapolis is currently authorizing a fixed amount for the next 18 months of operations with no additional funds for programs or projects and no assurances of continuing funding after 18 months. 


The workgroup reviewed the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Phase I and Phase II plans and the projects still being implemented and assessed opportunities to consolidate remaining funds.  The following recommendations were developed based on two priorities:


(1)  Seek to keep core operations functioning for at least 18 months in the hope that future funding will become available from Minneapolis (one staff, office, communications, website, etc.).

(2)  Leverage remaining resources while we still have them to do our best to seek revenue from alternative sources (additional grants, donations, fund raising events, etc.)


We are recommending moving remaining funds from some of our NRP Phase I and Phase II plan lines to match remaining funding in our other NRP budget lines in order to meet our priorities.  These recommendations are as follows:


To be moved from:

Specific Plan


$ to be Moved

NRP Phase I

Resource Programs


NRP Phase I

Traffic Calming on Talmage (funds remaining from this project)


NRP Phase II

3.SL.A.1 - Block Club Formation (supported through office/staff)


NRP Phase II

3.SL.A.2 - Block Club Support (supported through office/staff)


NRP Phase II

5.BC.D.1 - Grant Writing (staff are grant writing)


NRP Phase II

6.BD.A.1 - Business Association Support


NRP Phase II

8.SCS.B.1 - Support New Community Services


NRP Phase II

Funds returned from Center for Energy and Environment (CEE)


NRP Phase II

Program Income–returned funds from revolving loan program



Total Recommendation to Move



The total amount ($36,099.35) will be moved to the NRP Phase II Neighborhood Staff and Office strategy (Building Community A.1.)


The funds in our existing housing programs – revolving loans, emergency deferred loans, and home buyers incentives – will remain distributed amongst those programs as determined by our Housing and Livability Committee.  The current available balance for our housing programs is approximately $194,000.


The funds remaining in our Phase I Private Inspection Program (~$13,000) and Phase II program income (~$10,000 and still accruing) are being held pending updated neighborhood priorities as determined by the Como Blueprint process.  Neighborhood Priority Plans (NPP) will need to be developed in 2013 and may or may not include neighborhood project funds.