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Como Residents to Start Citizens Patrol

posted Dec 12, 2013, 7:46 AM by Ricardo McCurley
The residents of Southeast Minneapolis have had enough, and they want to let potential criminals know that they are on watch. Volunteers and those interested in becoming part of a Citizens Patrol are invited to attend the first meeting and patrol on Saturday December 14 from 10pm-2am. Volunteers will have a quick meeting on the duties of being on the Patrol and will venture out in pairs, in shifts, throughout the night. During the down time between shifts, volunteers would be able to play games, enjoy pizza and hot beverages, study or talk to their fellow neighbors/patrol members.
The Citizens Patrol is an effort by SECIA and community leader and Pastor Brett Miller of the Southeast Christian Church to deter crime, make the neighborhood safer and to engage the community in a way to help and watch out for one another. Citizen Patrol programs across the nation have been implemented successfully and helped to decrease crime in their neighborhood.
The Patrol is in response of several armed robberies and two sexual assaults that took place in or near the Marcy-Holmes and Como neighborhoods.
For those interested in the Patrol or that have questions can call SECIA at 612-676-1731, Brett Miller at 612-331-2868 or email secomo@secomo.org.