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Energy Efficiency Grants

posted Mar 9, 2016, 12:48 PM by Cody Olson

Energy Efficiency Grants for Como Homebuyers of a

City of Lakes Community Land Trust home

The SE Como Improvement Association will award energy efficiency grants of up to $7000 to homebuyers who are purchasing a home in the Como neighborhood through the City of Lakes Community Land Trust’s (CLCLT) Homebuyer Initiated Program (HIP).   To sort out this alphabet soup of abbreviations, check out www.clclt.org , and look up the Ownership Options.  

Eligibility requirements are relatively light.  The purchaser(s) must be an owner-occupant, and may not earn more than 80% of the metropolitan median income at the time of closing on the home.  That is currently $65,800 for a household of four people.  Income maximums for other households are also listed at www.clclt.org; see the Qualifications & Benefits section.

Under the Homebuyer Initiated model homebuyers may choose homes on their own, or through a realtor, or with the assistance of realtors who work with CLCLT.  To get started on the application process, homebuyers should check the Application Process described at www.clclt.org