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Tidbits 2012.10.10

posted Oct 15, 2012, 9:44 AM by Ricardo McCurley
9th Annual Historic Riverfront 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, October 13
NE Farmer's Market Fall Fest on Saturday, October 13
Zombie Pub Crawl, on Saturday, October 13
Homecoming 2012 Thank U event on Sunday, October 14, 11-3:30
Free safety class: “How to get out of situations” on Monday, October 15, 6 PM
Housing and Livability Committee on Tuesday, October 16, 7 PM
North Minneapolis Greenway Open House on Tuesday, October 16
Urban Agriculture & the Eastside Panel Discussion on October 17, 6-8 pm
Recycled Paper Co-op Bulk order Deadline, October 18
City Ghosts: Tales of Minneapolis Hauntings on October 19, 20, 26 and 27
Pumpkin Grab on Friday, October 19
Environment Committee on Tuesday, October 23, 7PM

A Call For Support
Dear Como Neighbors,
This year we face many challenges as both a community and as an organization.  For many years, the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) provided steady funding with consistent rules regarding it’s use.  As NRP transitions to Neighborhood and  community Relations (NCR), our funding has been reduced by 75% and our ability to continue receiving support is governed by a process still being created.  These funds have been used to directly support neighborhood projects and organizations, hire staff to support the neighborhood goals and provide the fiscal stability and matching funds needed to seek grants from other sources. We are in danger of losing the organizational capacity to oversee our gardens, safeguard our air and water, coordinate events like the Cookout and maintain an office.  If our funding stream stays consistent, within 8 months, we will be forced to reduce staff.  By 2014, we may lose all but part-time staff and be unable to afford an office.  What’s worse, the city has made no promise to fund neighborhood organizations beyond 2013.

Many of you are already aware of our situation and are asking, “How can we help?”  Thankfully, there are many ways to support SECIA.  You can donate.  Even amounts as small as $5 can have a big impact.  And it’s easy you give.  You can send us a check, use your credit/debit card at GiveMN.org, or stop by the office with cash.  You can spread the word.  Talk to your friends and neighbors, tell them about your $5 contribution and ask them to match it.  Come to the Annual Meeting, November 13th.  We need the neighborhood to come out and vote on a variety of budget and programming issues that may extend our ability to service the community.  Join a committee or run for the board.  As an active member of SECIA, you can organize fundraisers, pressure city officials, welcome new neighbor, beautify the streets and create new programs.  Find your way to be an active partner in Southeast Como!

Check out our new First Time Home Buyer Loans
SECIA is now offering down-payment and closing cost loans of up to $5000.  These loans are forgivable if you live in your house for seven years.  For more information, visit our Housing programs page at http://secomo.comogreenvillage.info/home/programs/housing-programs

Time to plant your garlic!
At the 2012 Como Cookout, SECIA handed out seed garlic to neighbors and community gardens for fall planting. Our garlic was purchased at Ecological Designs with support from a Allina Neighborhood Connection grant. Did you get one or more of the five varieties we gave-away?  Well then, it is time to plant!

Here are some quick instructions to grow fantastic,huge,tasty garlic in Minnesota:
  • This year there was garlic disease for the first time in Minnesota garlic fields and many garlic
  • growers lost a majority of their crops, so buy garlic from a reliable seed company, not farmer's markets.  Plant byOct 15th.
  • Garlic likes highly fertile soil with lots of organic matter, amend with compost if you can.
  • Mulch at up to a foot with straw or leaves and water well.
  • Plant only hardneck variates of  garlic like 'music', and 'Red German' .
  • Make sure your planting has has plenty of moisture in the spring which is the time of active bulb growth. You can fertilize in the spring  with fish emulsion and kelp meal, although typical organic Como soils really well, not necessary.
  • Remove flower scapes when they form a loop and start to straighten out(don't toss them, they are yummy!).
  • Harvest when one or two leaves have turned yellow.
  • Cure in a warm dry place like your garage, then cut stalks.

Here are the 5 varieties we distributed are Music, Siberian, Armenian, Korean Red, and Elephant Garlic. See theComoGreenVillage.org site for detailed descriptions:

        Have you seen this mural?
                                 Because it looks great!
If you have walked/driven/biked by the train bridge over 15th Ave SE recently, then you've probably noticed the beautiful mural taking shape on some of the retention walls. The mural is a product of many months of preparation and community engagement. We've gotten a lot of help from neighbors and we're nearly there! We still need one final fund drive to help us meet our monetary goals!!
We will be having a celebration in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned via our Facebook to find out when and where! Let us know if you would like to help us plan!

Kody Zalewski for representing SE Como and 60B
Hello Southeast Como!
I'm Kody Zalewski and I am a 20-year-old University of Minnesota neuroscience/pre-med student I was a former martial arts instructor and am currently working as a researcher at the Brain Sciences Center in the South Minneapolis VA center. My platform is built on a combination of fiscal conservatism, lowering tax rates and balancing budgets by cutting out unneeded expenditures combined with social liberalism. I would be Minnesota's first bisexual legislator, I am in favor of promoting thorium power generation, strongly against cannabis prohibition, Minnesota's support of the national drug war, the marriage discrimination amendment and the voter ID amendment. While Phyllis has done a fine job of representing 60B these past forty years I feel that it is time for someone who represents, and is in touch with the financial concerns of the college-age demographic to represent district 60B come November.

Free Safety: “How to get out of situations”
October 15, 6 PM  at BUDO
There will be a class for people of all ages and abilities on "how to get out of situations" on the street. This is not a judo lesson; it's a self awareness and learn your personal options lesson.   Nick Juarez from Precinct 2 and others are excited about this opportunity for people to be able to practice what to do.  Recent crime activity may have left you wondering "What would I do . . ."  This is a chance for you to learn, practice, gain confidence in yourself with improved self-knowledge and awareness.  For more about BUDO, visit www.ewkmartialarts.com. For more safety tips, check out the safety page at secomo.org.

Eureka Recycling's Recycled Paper Co-op
Thursday, October 18, 2012
Our twice-annual Recycled Paper Co-op makes it easy and affordable for you to purchase environmentally friendly copy paper for yourself or your office. Purchasing products made from recycled material helps eliminate the need for harvesting virgin materials and closes the recycling loop by creating a demand for the materials we recycle.  Paper will be available for pickup or delivery in early December.

Visit the Recycled Paper Co-op Website to find more information and download the order form. Please feel free to pass this information on to others you know who would be interested in purchasing 100% postconsumer recycled paper.  

Preschool Book Arts Series: Fall Session with Ellen Ferrari
Thursdays, 1:30 -- 2:30 pm Minnesota Center for Book Arts 1011 Washington Avenue South
October 4: Wacky Food Books
October 11: Object Printing Crazy Shapes
October 18: Printing Press ABCs
October 25: Papermaking
Get a jump on literacy in interactive preschool book arts classes with Ellen Ferrari. Children and adults work together to make paper; print patterns, shapes and letters; and construct colorful books in a fun environment. Each class begins by reading a story and continues by investigating examples produced by working artists. Vocabulary, tools and processes also will be introduced. These workshops emphasize visual decision-making, improving manual dexterity and instilling a love of books -- and can be repeated over and over again as projects change each session. Dress for mess with water-safe shoes. Register for a single class, or an entire session at a discounted rate. For children ages 3-5. NOTE: Registration for Preschool Book Arts classes closes on the Tuesday prior to each class, to give the instructor time to prepare workshop materials beforehand. For example, for a class on Thursday the 18th, you must be registered by Tuesday the 16th.  http://www.mnbookarts.org/

Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association
seeks part-time Office Assistant / Local Marketing Associate – apply by Wednesday, October 10  

Block & neighborhood  parties for stormwater!
Fall Community Clean-ups for Water Quality are being launched this fall for block clubs and community groups with the purpose to prevent phosphorus run off in our lakes, streams and the Mississippi river. This is a project organized by Alliance for Sustainability with the Fresh Water Society, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and Mississippi Watershed Management Organization.

Cleaning up our curbs and gutters prevents the highly nutrient-rich leaves and debris from entering rivers, lakes and streams. That reduces water pollution at the source and improves water quality for our com­munity. Fight water pollution in the streets near your home today.  Did you know that just five bags of leaves and organic debris from streets and sidewalks can contain one pound of phosphorus? Over time, this can lead to the growth of hundreds of pounds of algae. Phosphorus is the leading & most serious source of pollution for rivers & lakes causing excessive growth of aquatic plants & eutrophication.

Community members can sign up to host a fun & free 2 hour event on their block to rake up leaves out of their street and storm drains with neighbors between Oct 13 and Nov 20.  For each event the host will receive door hangers to invite their neighbors, a map showing how their block connects into their watershed,  compostable leaf bags for their event and incentives. After the events check back at Freshwater.org to see the total impact of all of our block events together!

Northwest Quad Community Meeting
October 15, 6:30-8:00pm
A community meeting will be held as part of the monthly St. Anthony Park CC Transportation Committee meeting to present the recommendations of the Northwest Quadrant Transportation Study.  Lead City staff Mike Klassen will be present, as well as task force chair Sherm Eagles and many of the task force members.  This meeting will be held at the South St. Anthony Park Rec Center (890 Cromwell) on Monday, October 15, 6:30-8pm. The City of St. Paul is doing a study to review of current and future transportation needs of the northwest quadrant of St. Paul  based on planned redevelopment, neighborhood goals, local and regional needs. The goal is to develop a balanced area transportation plan. The area covered by the study runs from Larpenteur to 94, and the Minneapolis border (just west of 280) to Snelling.   All community members are invited to come learn about this new City plan and how it might affect their transportation options.

Urban Agriculture & the Eastside Panel Discussion
October 17, 6-8 pm,
In the spring of 2011 the City of Minneapolis adopted an Urban Agriculture Policy Plan to support and expand our community’s ability to grow, process, distribute and eat more healthy, sustainable, locally grown foods. This forum will look at the current broad spectrum of urban agriculture and the local foods movement in Eastside Minneapolis, from community gardens to urban farms to the retailing of food and gardening items. The panel of guest speakers will include *Homegrown Minneapolis* coordinator Jane Shey, the people behind two local urban farms – *Buchanan Street Farm* and *California Street Farm*, Karen O’Connor and Paige Pelini from Ward One’s newest garden center *Mother Earth Gardens*, representatives from local community gardens, local farmers markets and more. Join your neighbors for the panel presentation, open discussion and a light meal from a local establishment.

*Where:* Eastside Co-op’s Granite Studio, 2551 Central Avenue NE (Please do not park in the Co-op parking lot, which is needed for patrons. There is abundant street parking around the Co-op)
*RSVP: *612-673-2201 or kevin.reich@minneapolismn.gov.

Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA) is coming to Minneapolis in 2013
Now accepting:
Conference Workshop proposals – submissions due by Monday, November 2
The NUSA Program Development Committee is now accepting proposals for 90 minute workshops. Workshops should pertain to one of the nine NUSA workshop tracks and be delivered from the lens of cultural diversity/inclusion, social justice and equity, which create opportunities for generational leadership growth.
Neighborhood Exhibits applications -  submissions due by Wednesday, April 10
This is an opportunity to display the great work of neighborhoods and organizations in the City of Minneapolis!   It’s also a chance for networking and sharing ideas, information, brochures, projects amongst Minneapolis neighborhoods and organizations.

RFP Issued for Great Streets Facade Improvement Matching Grant Program
proposals due by Thursday, October 25
The City of Minneapolis is seeking proposals from organizations to administer the Façade Improvement Matching Grant Program in commercial corridors, neighborhood commercial nodes, activity centers, and Hiawatha and Central Corridor LightRail Transit (LRT) station areas. The City provides Façade Improvement Matching Grant administration contracts to organizations as an incentive to encourage private investment in and improve the appearance of our neighborhood business districts. Proposals are due on Thursday, October 25.

Polling Place Changes in 2012
Beginning in 2012, voters will use the new voting precincts established during the 2012 Redistricting Plan. This created new boundaries for many voting precincts, and the selection of some new polling places.
You can use one of these tools to find out if your 2012 voting precinct and polling place has changed:
Voter Registration Lookup
Where do I vote? Polling Place Finder
The City of Minneapolis’ Elections and Voter Registration website has some great information about important dates, absentee ballot information, polling place look up and other election related information:http://www.minneapolismn.gov/elections/index.htm