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Talmage Crossing Community Garden

Talmage Ave SE Between 20th & 21st Ave SE  

To get on this garden's email list, send a message to secomo@secomo.org!
Regular gardening times happen twice a month from June through September. Check the calendar or contact talmage@comogreenvillage.info to be notified of other garden activities.

A Bit of History

Talmage Crossing is a garden created by a group of neighbors who saw a
neglected scrap of land where the BNSF Railroad tracks cross a favorite
pedestrian walk through the Como neighborhood of Southeast Minneapolis.
Lila Smith began asking neighbors to join her in reclaiming this plot,
which was half recovered from too much herbicide spray and half
supporting robust knot-weed that had reached a height of 6 feet. As others joined her, the weeds were hacked down, wrenched out, and
hauled away. Fresh wood chips were laid down in an attempt to control
erosion and to discourage new weeds from sprouting. And a few plants were started. That was just the first year.

Meanwhile, a pleasant green space along Talmage Ave SE is gaining steam. The neighborhood stewards plant the street median planters. Talmage Crossing is growing - not like a runaway freight train, but growing.

Get on track by requesting to join the Talmage Crossing Yahoo Group.

Present-Day Progress at Talmage Crossing

Native plants have been an ongoing focus at this community garden. In the 2013 season, a native-plant raingarden was established with the help of volunteers. In only one year since its establishment, huge strides have been made. Erosion and runoff into the stormsewers have decreased, native wildflowers are attracting pollinators, and the presence of the garden makes the neighborhood a more pleasant place to live and walk.

The establishment of the raingarden and the progress in other areas of the garden has not been possible without the help of countless volunteers. From coordinators, to plant donations, to student volunteers, the Talmage Crossing Garden truly is a community project.

In 2014, beautiful new beds are being established elsewhere throughout the garden and native plants have been chosen specifically for the conditions of the terrain. We have great excitement for the future of Talmage Crossing Garden as these new beds begin to develop and provide important pollination, ecosystem, and aesthetic functions in the Como neighborhood. 

Garden Safety Guidelines

Talmage Crossing gardeners are very conscientious about safety around the tracks and especially while working in the center median.  

  • Please wear bright colors for work events if possible, safety
    vests are a good idea.   
  • Gardeners will set out cones and participants
    should only work on the right side of the street (going with traffic) and NEVER stand
    where oncoming traffic could come over the hill (left side of the street). 
  • If you need to get to the median from the Talmage Boulevard, the best place to cross the road is at the top of the hill. This is where the medians are closest to the tracks.  There, you can see oncoming car traffic from both directions on Talmage, and car traffic can see you!
  • Also, NEVER attempt to
    cross  the railroad tracks when the gates are down, or a train is
    waiting, or about to come. This set of tracks has two lines and while
    you may see or hear one train, there could always be a second one

Care and caution should always be taken!