Southeast Como's Tool Lending Library

Request a tool
Our tool lending program is available to Southeast Como residents, businesses, and members of the Northeast/Southeast Local Foods Resource Hub.

SECIA has a lot of garden tools available to
borrow. This tool crib includes the famous WEED WRENCH - the no herbicide alternative for removing weed trees and shrubs. We also have the standard mix of shovels, hoes, rakes, treegators, and a range of hand tools. 
A list of tools available can be found using this link.

Tool reservations can be made using this link to our lending form or use the fields below. 
After filling out the form, a SECIA member will be in contact with you to make a pick-up appointment for the tool.

Pick up a tool
Pick-up generally takes place at FairShare Community Garden at 2112 Fairmount Ave SE during a gardening session (Sunday 10-12, Tuesday 5-7, Thursday 5-7).  Arrangements can also be made for pick-up elsewhere.  In particular, the weed wrench is normally stored at the SECIA office.

 At pick up, you will fill in contact and sign-out information and a tentative date for returning the tool will be agreed upon.

Return a tool
Return the tool at the agreed upon time.

It is recommended that you volunteer at one of the community gardens or with SECIA in another way.  Dates for potential volunteer opportunities can be found on the web calendar.

FairShare Intern,
Jul 2, 2013, 12:15 PM