Flowers are the Opposite of Graffiti - 

SECIA's Utility Box Project

18th Ave & E. Hennepin Now

18th Ave & E. Hennepin to be...

18th Ave & Como Mock-up
Southeast Como Improvement Association is working on a project to wrap neighborhood utility boxes with nature photos printed on 3M anti-graffiti vinyl. 

Ugly graffiti-covered utility boxes mar our view. We wish they would disappear. Let’s cover them with nature photos and increase the bits of greenery throughout our neighborhood. Planting is an expression of hope. SE Como hasn’t a lake to walk around, but we have gardens, trees and Van Cleve Park. Nature renews us and makes us smile. 

In May we sent in applications to the Minneapolis Public Art Board and all five of our first submissions have been approved.

In June, we ordered covers for the Como Corner Box (22nd Ave and Como Ave) and the Accord Garden Box (15th Ave and Como Ave in Van Cleve Park)!  The deadline for wrapping more boxes this year is July 31, so keep the donations coming in!

Matching Grants Approved!
The SECIA board created a matching grant pool.  New donations to the project will be matched 100% up to $1500.