Photo Specifications

Flowers are the Opposite of Graffiti
Digital Specifications for Photo Submissions

Do you live or work in Minneapolis’ SE Como neighborhood?
Have you a 16MP, 20MP or 25MP high resolution camera?

S.E.C.I.A. wants to cover neighborhood utility boxes with nature photos printed onto 3M anti-graffiti vinyl. You can help!

Ugly graffiti-covered utility boxes mar our view. Wishing they would disappear we want to cover them with nature photos, increasing the bits of greenery throughout our Community.  Planting is an expression of hope. SE Como has no lake to walk around, but we have gardens, trees and a park. Nature refreshes and makes us smile.
  • We want local outdoor nature photos excluding people and human-made objects.
  • Set your camera at it’s highest resolution with a minimum width of 3000 pixels.
  • Because of the size of the boxes, photos will be enlarged quite a bit.  We need raw digital photos that have not been cropped, photo-shopped, or enhanced.
  • Photos should be taken vertically, because the utility boxes are taller than they are wide.
  • Use of a tripod is recommended because the Minneapolis Art Board will not approve fuzzy images.
The City of Minneapolis Public Art Board has approved five of our designs thus far. We will be wrapping some of them in the summer of 2015, but we have over twenty utility boxes around the neighborhood that we would like to cover. If you would like to submit photos for use on other utility boxes in our community, we would love to see them.

Thank you,
We look forward to seeing your work,

Lila M Smith
Project Manager of S.E.C.I.A.’s Utility Box Project
Flowers are the Opposite of Graffiti